After being an engineer for almost 30 years, which was stifling my creative flare, I set out to realise a long held ambition of becoming a florist. Discovering Pure Floral Design, being trained and mentored by Donna and working alongside her for 3 years has changed my life. I love to create designs for corporate clients, help brides get their wishes and much more besides. I now look after the North Wales area as a Freelance Florist.

I started Pure Floral Design in 2004.  A visit to the flower markets of Holland, a swift career change and a love of design started me on this amazing journey. No stranger to a challenge, in the same year I ran my first marathon and took myself to London to train as a florist. The rest, as they say, is history!
It has never just been about the flowers, it's about letting flowers tell a story about a person, place or event and creating a fantastic memory of a moment in someones life. That passion is still with me today.​ 


Mark x​

Donna  x


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​Having been a stay at home Mum for a number of years and starting my own sign business I began edging back into the working world as a sales assistant which is where Donna found me hiding from my desire to be more creative. ​I began retraining as a florist with Donna in 2012 and now thoroughly enjoy running my new career alongside Lazy Days Designs. Listening to a clients vision and transforming it into reality is a real joy and one that I never tire of. Being part of a dedicated and passionate team is inspiring and having a wicked sense of humour is essential too!